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Prayer beads, once charged sufficiently, can be used in rituals instead of holy amulets, holy symbols and holy relics, reducing burden, inventory clutter and complication in performing rituals (you only have to have your beads to hand, not a whole host of holy components). Note that while beads must be held in order to charge them, they do not need to be held while performing rituals that require them - although they must be in your immediately accessible inventory (i.e. not in a container). They will be automatically retrieved from any container identified as a component pouch when needed for a ritual, and will remain in your carried inventory afterwards.


AM$50 from temple shops.

Also Found

Carried by no-one, although occasionally they can be found (sometimes even ready charged) in player shops. Beware of consecrating prayer beads to another god if they are not newly acquired - any charge in them will be lost. You can no longer reconsecrate beads to the same god; to remove a remember, for example, you will have to use the "scour" command.

Custom prayer beads in a wide variety of colours and materials can be bought from Gemma in the Temple of Small Gods, one floor up from the ground floor. If simple options are selected (e,g.., ribbon, pine beads, no adjective, model of Pishe), one can buy custom beads for AM$50, the same price as non-custom beads.

Charging prayer beads

Beads are charged whenever they are held while performing rituals, praying, consecrating, or ritual burying. Priests and followers can charge beads.

Repairing clothes on Gapp's altar, though it uses faith gp, does not add any charge to beads.

Newly bought beads are uncharged and can safely be consecrated to your god if none are available in your temple. Note that consecrating beads to another god once charged to any extent will remove any charge that has previously been instilled into the item, they can however be reconsecrated to the same god (to remove a remembered place, for example). The beads can be used by anyone that worships the God that they have been consecrated to, whether they are charged by themselves or another. Once charged, beads do not lose charge unless they are consecrated to another god, and can even be vaulted without losing their charge.

The effects of charged beads are:

  • An increase to wisdom of 1 when the beads are held after being charged to a little over 40% (Partway through 'bright').
  • An increase to wisdom of 2 when the beads are held after being charged to 'radiant'.
  • Acting as a substitute for holy symbols, holy amulets, and relics, whilst held or carried in your inventory.

The beads give off varying degrees of holy auras (which can only be observed by those of the faith) that give an indication as to the amount of guild points that have been instilled within them.

It is surrounded by a strong holy aura instilled by the numerous invocations it has been involved in.

Starting from the time at which the first guild points are instilled up to fully charged at 5 million guild points, the progression of auras is as follows:

gp aura invocations effect
1 pale, flickering occasional
301 weakly flickering occasional
1,001 flickering few
2,001 unsteady few
5,001 faint handful
8,001 pale handful amulet
10,001 " " symbol
weak many
steady "
strong numerous (relic)
bright "
" " (+1 wisdom when held)
vibrant uncountable
(150,000) radiant uncountable (+2 wisdom when held)
(360,000) brilliant incalculable
(864,000) dazzling
(2,074,000) blazing incommensurable
(5,000,000) blinding incommensurable

The diagram below gives some idea as to the scale involved (The listed auras being at the start of their respective ranges).

(Diagram made by Warrax)

After the prayer beads have reached the stage of bright it takes approximatley another 5000 gp until the beads give you the +1 Wisdom when held

As a rough guide, at 4 guild point per heartbeat regen the process of charging to 'radiant' takes roughly 21 hours, depending on lag, if all guild points are instilled into the beads. At the more normal 3 guild point regen this figure is closer to 28 hours.

Moving and clicking

One or more beads on prayer beads can also be "move"d or "click"ed around. This appears to involve a faith.rituals.special check but seems purely aesthetic with no functional use beyond counting prayers. Unholding the beads will reset the count.

> click bead on latent beads

You move one bead around the set of worn onyx prayer beads with a fumbling motion of your fingers and a tremulous click.


You move one bead around the set of prayer beads with a fumbling motion of your fingers and a tremulous click.

You move one bead around the set of prayer beads with a clumsy motion of your fingers and a trembling click.


You move one bead around the set of prayer beads with a tentative motion of your fingers and an almost inaudible click.


You move one bead around the set of prayer beads with an easy motion of your fingers and a firm click.