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Holy relics are used in various rituals: Creeping Doom, Feedback, Raise Dead and Resurrect. However, prayer beads, once charged, can be used instead of relics.

Additionally, "shatter"ing a relic will move your alignment away from the ideal alignment of the deity represented by the relic.

It used to be possible to reconsecrate relics, and other faith items, away from their original deity, which made obtaining the most desirable alignment-changing relics (i.e. Pishe's and Sek's) much easier, however this practice was recently halted by a change to faith items.


AM$15 from temple shops.

Due to the high cost of purchasing these, alternative methods of acquisition are often sought. One way is to employ a licensed thief to steal one from one of the many temple shops in Ankh-Morpork. Although the price will be greatly reduced this way, one third of the full price will have to be paid towards the thief's quota. Holy relics are also often for sale at Gufnork's temple and Sek's temple in Ohulan-Cutash. Any thief worth their salt (and many other people) will be able to pick one of these up at no cost. The same goes for Djelibeybi, where all deities are represented. Be warned that shoplifting here will lead to you getting dropped in the middle of the desert the next time you bump into one of the priest authorities, however this is rarely much more than an inconvenience - especially for those who can simply use Divine Hand to return to the town.

Also Found

On some NPC priests in Sto Lat, Althea of Pishe and Kess of Sek.