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GP Cost 270
Learnt At 170 in
Skills Used
Requirements Symbol, amulet, relic and prayer book
Granted By Pishe
Best Baton(s)

Pure White

Best Cane


Raises a player from the dead and returns some of the xp they lost upon death.


The reason to make a Pishite priest. This ritual will restore your target to life, after your brief friendly chat with Death. Not only will this ritual bring your target back to life, but will restore his stats to full, and depending on the users bonus will bring back a percentage of your exp! Priests will also receive a small amount of the rituals back, but not the useful ones (like divine hand to get back to your temple). You cannot perform this on yourself, just in case you got your hopes up.

Towards the end of the ritual, there is a line that indicates the success of the ritual in returning xp. In increasing order, these are

  • Flickering traces of your vision remain with you as a cautionary example.
  • A few traces of your vision remain with you as a cautionary example.
  • A few flashes of your vision remain with you as a cautionary example.
  • A few scenes from your vision remain with you as a cautionary example.
  • All of the important moments from your vision remain with you as a cautionary example.

Successfully performing resurrect has a small effect on your alignment, moving you towards as good as you can get.

Before you can resurrect someone, they may need to "permit" you, with "permit resurrect from <player>". Resurrects can, however, be autoaccepted, by changing your options under "options auto death".

Not to be confused with Raise Dead, its weaker cousin.

Help File

This ritual raises players from the dead and restores a certain amount of their former experience. You need a prayer book, a holy symbol, a holy amulet and a relic to perform this ritual.

Ward Effect

This ritual cannot be impressed as a ward.


> perform resurrect on topsy

You kneel in prayer.
You close your eyes, and contemplate higher things.
You chant the ritual for body preservation.
You recite the prayer for body regeneration.
You chant the ritual for summoning the image of Death.
You call upon Pishe to protect you from Death's aura.
You communicate your needs to Death.
As Death gives his answer, flickering, changing images run through your mind, and you are frozen for a moment by visions of how the ghost of Topsy has died in the past.
The vision is unclear, only pain and darkness.
The image of Death sighs at you.
The image of Death vanishes.
Topsy starts to glow softly.
A few flashes of your vision remain with you as a cautionary example.

Granted By


Learnt At level 170

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

270 GP


Prayer book, Holy symbol, Holy amulet and a Holy relic


Type Healing
Step Count8
Required Powers???
Will Attempt to Resist ???
Will Be Angered No/Unknown


Resurrection is an inherently good act, and appears to always move the resurrecting priest's alignment up by about one degree, until it reaches the maximum of 50 degrees good.

Xp Return

There appear to be two calculations related to Xp during resurrection, in addition to the command xp the resurrector gets.

The details of xp return and res xp are largely based on this research, building somewhat off of this older research.

Restored xp for the subject

The subject of the ritual will receive back a maximum of 75% of their before-death Xp, depending on the resurrector's bonus in and the circumstances of the resurrection--the ritual bonuses or penalties the resurrector gets from such things as being near or far from a high altar, performing the ritual from a rod, being in the rain, and so on.

  • A 516 cu.ta bonus, possibly less, is enough for the ghost to get the maximum amount of xp back even far from a high altar.
  • A 476 bonus, possibly less, is enough for the maximum return with a slight overall bonus to performance, as from being in the rain.
  • A 458 bonus is enough for the maximum return, but only under the best possible (controllable) circumstances: being at a high altar in the rain, having just prayed.

The percentage of xp returned appears to be independent of the amount of xp at death; if someone can get a 70% return with no visible ritual bonuses or penalties, they'll get a 70% return whether the amount of xp at death is under 50k, or whether it's 30 million (the maximum amount of xp someone can have).

The relationship between cu.ta bonus and percentage return seems to be fairly linear overall. Without any visible ritual bonuses or penalties...

  • A 304 bonus gets a 38% return.
  • A 350 bonus gets a 48% return.
  • A 380 bonus gets a 56.1% return.
  • A 420 bonus gets a 64.1% return.
  • A 450 bonus gets a 70.0% return.

Being at a high altar, in the rain, seems to add about three percentage points to that, and being far from a high altar (with Genua being the test location) seems to subtract one or two percentage points. Performing from a rod seems to subtract four or five percentage points.

There's a very large penalty for being in a witch-owned or wizard-owned area (such as Granny Weatherwax's roof), or being at another god's high altar. It seems to amount to about nine percentage points. As far as res returns go, this is like having your cu.ta bonus lowered by 40 or 50 points.

Xp awarded to the deceased after death as a result of group actions, heartbeat, exploration etc is apparently not subject to these calculations and is instead returned 100% on resurrect or raise.

Xp for the Performer

The performer gets three kinds of xp from resurrecting someone.

First, at the beginning of the ritual, they receive command xp. This is normally 15 times the consumed GP of 270, or 4050 GP. Command xp is reduced by repeated performances of the ritual.

Secondly, due to the time the ritual takes to perform, some heartbeat Xp is received over the course of the ritual. This seems to be about 45-105 xp.

Finally, and most importantly, at the very end of the ritual--if it's successful--the performer gets some res xp related to how much of their death xp the ex-ghost got returned. This amount seems to be approximately equal to the ghost's returned xp (ignoring xp gained while dead) raised to the power of .78. This does, however, seem to be penalized if the performer's xp rate is high enough, though the details are not yet known. As an example, the resurrector gets about 90% of their expected res xp at an unknown xp rate between 514396/hour and 650824/hour, and about 55% of their expected res xp at an unknown rate between 867390/hour and 1003818/hour.