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On some npc priests.

Adding Prayers

To add the necessary prayers to your book, give your book to your instructor. He'll add the prayers you need at that time.

Sometimes using a ritual from a faith rod requires a specific prayer that your instructor won't give you. In this case, you need to give your prayer book to someone whose instructor does give that prayer, have them consecrate your book to their god and give your book to their instructor, then you can reconsecrate it back to your god with all of the prayers intact.

Alternatively, you can transfer prayers between prayer books dedicated to the same God by using the 'copy' syntax. Thus, you can obtain all possible prayers from any other member of your own faith who already possesses them. If you dislike the crossed-out names which normally result from the reconsecration method, you can buy a new book after collecting all the prayers and copy from the crossed-out book to the pristine new one.

Prayer list

St. Orotund's Prayer Book

In the new curiosity shop on Grunefair, there's a rotating stock which sometimes contains an Illuminated Breviary. Acts exactly the same as a prayer book but with a funkier name and description.