Lost Highways

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Lost Highways
GP Cost 55
Learnt At 200 in faith.rituals.misc.area
Skills Used faith.rituals.misc.area
Requirements Symbol, incense and prayer book
Granted By Sandelfon
Best Baton(s)

Purple, Ribboned

Best Cane


Makes the way unclear, and journeys more convoluted.


This area effective ritual makes everyone in the room lose a sense of direction. Not effective against npcs, only for pk purposes (though the effects are not pk-checked). With enough levels of fa.ri.de (specific sub-skill to be tested), the effects of this ritual may be avoided.

Performing the ritual several times in the same room will cause its duration to stack.

Help File

When Lost Highways is performed on an area, the path becomes unclear, and the correct way clouded. To perform this ritual, you need a holy symbol, a block of incense and a prayer book containing the prayer "Strange Travels".


> perform lost highways

You set fire to the incense while chanting the psalm of the lost.
With a whispered prayer, you wave the incense around, creating a rough outline of the room.
You drag your set of sapphire prayer beads through the smoky pattern, blurring it into irrecognisability.
Reality softens like butter on a lobster.
Everything swirls and twists, and you can no longer rightly tell one direction from another anymore.

Granted By


Learnt At

faith.rituals.misc.area level 200

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

55 GP


Holy symbol, Incense and a Prayer book


Type Miscellaneous
Step Count3
ComponentsIncense (Consumed), Holy symbol, Prayer book ("The Strange Travels of <deity>")
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown