Unquiet Spirit

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Unquiet Spirit
GP Cost 120
Learnt At 99 in faith.rituals.special
Skills Used faith.rituals.special, faith.rituals.misc.area, faith.rituals.defensive.area
Requirements Symbol, a dagger and a candle
Granted By Fish and Hat
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Recalls a recently departed spirit from the afterlife. The resulting spectre is a type of minion.


This ritual is performed in a room which contains recently killed NPCs. The maximum number of spectres is not known, certainly 3 are possible. The spectres will equip the weapons and armour of the recently deceased from which they arose; this means you can put items on the corpse prior to using the ritual which you wish the spectre to use. They are quite strong, and can be "order"ed to assist or protect or defend the priest in combat until they vanish or are damaged enough in combat that they can no longer remain. The life of a spectre can be prolonged by feeding it gp, but they cannot be healed. Quite heavy on gp drain, but useful as a young – mid level priest. Failing this ritual may cause a stat loss.

If you try to summon another minion, the spectre may "take advantage of your lapse in attention" to turn on you, attacking you for a bit. You won't be able to order it to leave if this happens. Log of losing control of spectre.

Help File

Unquiet Spirit recalls a recently departed spirit from their particular afterlife to defend you. This ritual requires a dagger, a lit candle, a holy symbol and prayer book containing the prayer "Piercing the Veil".

Ward Effect

This ritual may not be impressed as a ward.


> perform unquiet spirit

You speak the prayer of separation.
You hum a hymn of binding.
You heat the stiletto over the candle flame.
You carve a glyph into the corpse of a poor beggar with the stiletto.
The corpse of a poor beggar crumbles to dust, seemingly drained of something vital.
The pained spectre wails loudly with an eerie 'OooOoOoOOOoooooooOoooOooooOOOOOOoooooooOoo'.

Granted By

Fish and Hat

Learnt At

faith.rituals.special level 100

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

120 GP


A dagger, a candle and a Holy symbol


Type Miscellaneous
Step Count4
TargetEverone around you (Actually: non-player corpses)
ComponentsHoly symbol, Prayer book ("Piercing the Veil"), dagger, candle (lit)
Required PowersSight, Speech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist N/A
Will Be Angered N/A