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This command allows you to remove a ritual from a faith rod, or a ward or remember place from an item. It can only be done at a high altar. Scour is learned at guild level 75 from your religious instructor.


The syntax is basically the same for every type of scouring:

scour {places|rituals|wards} from <object>

Removing wards

You can use scour to remove wards from an item. If the item has more than one ward, it will remove all of them.

When scouring a ward, there's a chance that the ward will trigger instead of just disappearing. This seems to be more likely to happen when there are more wards on an item.

This usage uses the faith.items.scroll skill, and costs 50 gp per ward.

Removing rituals from faith rods

Scour can also be used to remove the rituals from a faith rod. This will remove all rituals bestowed on a rod.

This usage uses 50 gp.

Removing remember places

Finally, you can scour a place from an object to make it stop remembering a place for you. This is necessary if you want to remember a different place with the object.

This usage doesn't use any gp.