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Praying and dp added

My own testing--meditating upon obsecration, praying with full gp (so that I know exactly how much I spend), meditating again, and then subtracting the "contributed" + "would have contributed" numbers (and subtracting the 5 dp that meditating upon obsecration adds--indicates that 12.5% of the gp spent goes to the pool, not 10%. However, it occurs to me that it might be skill-based, and the 10% figure might be correct for some people... does anyone get a different number? My fa.ri.sp bonus for this was 289, and my bonus was 253. I tried it again, and got the same results, with a different character with a fa.ri.sp bonus of 332 and a bonus of 329.

Although praying and holding beads with 400 gp (full pray) and 320 gp (fervent pray) resulted in exactly 1/8th of the gp going to the pool (and, on a different character, praying with 430 gp resulted in 53 gp going to the pool (1/8th if you truncate) and praying with 422 gp (no beads) resulted in 52 gp going to the pool (also as expected)), praying with 393 or 392 gp (max without beads, then with beads but not full gp), only resulted in 48 dp being added to the pool, instead of the 49 I would have expected. I'm not sure what's going on there. --Ilde 02:25, 9 September 2009 (UTC)