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Note: Preacher and Proselytizer are different for Pishe and Fish than for Gapp and Hat.

Currently doing research on alignment and group command xp.

To do:

  • Fill in the blanks for dagger results
  • Fill in the gaps for the alignment vs. deity opinion chart (main gaps remaining: Gufnork: 8-12 good, 2 good and under. Gapp: 0+ evil. Sandelfon: 1-3 good. Fish: 0-2 good, 4+ evil. Everything else is fiddling around trying to find out just where the borders are.)
  • More Pumpkin Town beetles
  • Sarilak stuff
  • Gufnork altar stuff
  • Research_and_Ideas/Cure_Ward_Effects

With alignment list:

  • Turnwise Ocean:
    • More sharks (evil vs nasty vs hungry sharks?)
    • More killer whales and blue whales
    • Bream
    • Catfish
    • Trout
  • Other types of farms in Klatch
  • Various small Sto Plains towns
  • Uberwald! All of it really:
    • Monks of Cool
    • Towns
    • Terrains
    • Magpyr castle
  • Klatch roads?
  • Skund Forest vs. non-Skund forest in Sto Plains: same npcs or not?
  • Continue Ankh-Morpork, Bes Pelargic, Djelibeybi, Genua, Lancre town, and Sto Lat.
  • Genua--try to find some hitmen. More Noobie.
  • More Pictsie barrow lake (I know there's a pike in there!) and Turnwise Ocean (more data points for blue whales, killer whales, and sharks would be good)
  • Valley of Listening Monks (use See Alignment for monks in temple as they kick me out as soon as I start a ritual)
  • Bandit camp
  • Grflx caves
  • Various sub-areas:
    • Shades
    • Genuan sewers
    • Genuan graveyard
    • AM underdocks and Ankh

Explored somewhat with GhostAlt:

  • Tuna Bay, I've seen a nurse shark and a mermaid in there. Also a bunch of fish I couldn't see properly because it was too dark.
  • Snail: Nitsuni, Rujona, Ome outlaws, hiding npcs?
  • Medina: Triad heavy, triad boss, triad thug
  • Sto Lat sewers: rat, cat, mutant, spider (poisonous, will sometimes attack), trout, tough character, thief, Farlane (will apparently attack women), mongrel, tosher
  • Ramtops
      • Road through this area: blackbird, charcoal burner, cartographer, farmer, gnoll, hedge wizard, hunter, huntress, lumberjack, rabbit, rambler, sparrow, squirrel, starling, tourist, traveller, travelling troll, truffle-hunter, turkey, vermine, wanderer, witches, Lancre reciprocating fox
      • Land of the giants: giants, brigands
      • South of land of the giants, road: gnoll, hare, hedge wizard, mountain goat, pebble, tharga beast, travelling troll, yeti
      • In listener's valley and village: pilgrims
      • Road past listener's valley: rabbit, traveller, vermine
      • Ramtops plains: blackbird