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Requirement to get the ritual-----

At the moment I have these skills, and have not been taught. Going to advance now.

faith...............   62  172          | | | area..........   26  129
| rituals...........   76  179          | | | self..........  191  263
| | defensive.......   81  202          | | | target........   26  129


You advance your skill in from 78 to 79 for 3406 xp and 42p.
The religious instructor teaches you the details of major shield.
faith...............   63  172          | | | area..........   26  129
| rituals...........   80  181          | | | self..........  191  263
| | defensive.......   98  212          | | | target........   79  201

Sektite 07:24, 4 January 2013 (UTC)

Something ain't right about it, my hatian priest alt had 80 levels of and didn't get the ritual.. So either the info is plain wrong to start with, I find that unlikly thou, it could be dated as the game changes all the time, or it could be right and there's a but in the game.. I belive that it's the most likly that option two is correct, so it would be nice if somone could figure out what level IS required to get the ritual. Oshnugimo 19:42, 6 December 2008 (UTC)

  • I've added this ritual to the list of rituals with conflicting or dubious learnt at information Oshnugimo 21:42, 6 December 2008 (UTC)

Sounds like you're the perfect person to do the research yourself! It's not that hard: try advancing a bit further (one level at a time, leave and re-enter the vestry after each level) to see if that one has impact; once that one is at the same level as, try advancing both a bit until you gain the ritual. Then post your findings here as a comment/addition to the page. Good luck! LaoTzu 15:34, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

I'm a Hat priest, and I just did what LaoTzu suggested. I had 105 levels of faith.rituals.defensive.self and about 75 levels of before I started. I advanced one level at a time, going in and out in between, and the instructor finally taught me major shield once I had 101 levels of Neva 18:06, 4 January 2009 (UTC)
Sek priest first raised faith.rituals.defensive.self until faith.rituals.defensive was 79 (with 43 faith.rituals.defense.area and 50ish, but did not get the ritual. After that raising to 79 did give the ritual. Rigrig 19:50, 15 July 2009 (UTC)
Gufnork priest. Had .se at 105 and .ar at 60 learned when advancing .ta from 78 to 79. It appears that Major shield is learned at 79 and may also require or to be at a certain level
oh historical note, major shield originally was not granted to 2 gods, i think pishe or sek from memory, hence the different learn at levels for different gods. -inige

I recently learned the Ritual gufnorkian priest. I pushed to 79 and was taught the ritual before then i have 79 in the base of the defense branch through high It would appear for Gufnorkians we learn it at level 79 Garran 21:01, 5 February 2011 (UTC)


It seems a couple of the rits now demand that the base level of the skill be raised to the amount noted, as well as, the sub skill. Example: I got fa.rit.def.tar to 79 and did not get taught the ritual, so I went out and raised my other two skills ( focusing on fa.rit.def.self mostly) until the base skill fa.rit.def hit 79 ( was in the low 90's at this time) and I was taught it. This was tested by slowly gainging exp in the market of oc and running back to raise skills slowly and walking back and forth through the teachers door, so I'm fairly certain this is whats going on. This also held true for dust devil.

Required bonus

At 238 bonus in i succeed most of the time. Feel free to add your own findings so we can find a bonus at which it always works. Marcus 13:25, 17 May 2010 (UTC)

At a bonus of 261 i seem to nearly always succeed in shielding myself with major shield. Marcus 15:00, 22 June 2010 (UTC)

With a bonus of 246 in I get about 50% success rate performing Major Shield on other people. --Brint 21:04, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

Protective Armour Message

It seems that around 365-370 bonus in its possible (with favourable conditions, ie holy ground + rain) to get the 'protective armour' message in 'shields'.

Upon further testing with 382 bonus and having just prayed or ritburied I ended up with the 'really protected' message. As I slowly increase my bonus will put more in here about it.

Having spoken to a couple of people you'll definitely get the message reliably at around 400 bonus. I aim to try to find out the exact bonus range :) -Pranthea

I believe the "really protected" description has been made easier to achieve at some point. Whether that means the message is shown for a weaker shield or shield is actually stronger at low bonus, I don't know. The strength of the shield seems deterministic without any randomness rearing its head.
Testing today, going from 298 to 299 bonus turned "protected" into "really protected" when performing the ritual at my god's high altar. (Specifically, Hat's high altar in Djelibeybi.) I can also confirm that going from 301 to 302 bonus made the difference in the room next to it. This 3 point difference fits previous data about effective skill bonus derived from high altar. If that data is all correct then it was 311 effective bonus that gave the stronger description.
Ksielvin (talk) 18:37, 12 August 2014 (BST)
I'll further confirm that going from 310 to 311 bonus made the difference in achieving "really protected" description inside the Divine Hand travel room which should be neutral in regards to altar distance bonus. - Ksielvin (talk) 18:22, 13 August 2014 (BST)


Just clarifying my edits with regards to duration here. Duration may not always seem to be an even number of seconds. However, in conditions of minimal lag, it does seem to be (and duration does seem to be very consistent for a certain set of circumstances (bonuses/penalties) when there is no lag). The ways I determine lag are:

  • leaving the cpu inform on and paying attention to how much lag it says there is. If there's lots I try again later.
  • checking the timestamps for "Your divine protection is weakening" and "Your divine protection expires" to see how much time is between them. It seems like, with minimal lag, these messages are twenty seconds apart. Anything other than twenty seconds is a red flag, although moreso if it's over twenty seconds. I've found that when it's more than twenty seconds, but I also have good/less laggy/more consistent data for the same bonus + circumstances, the amount that this number is over by is often the same as the amount that the entire duration is over the more reliable durations. E.g. if it's twenty-six seconds between weakening and expiration, the entire duration is probably six seconds longer than it should be. Basically I think that longer times between weakening and expiration just indicate that the expiration message is lagged. On the other hand, sometimes it's less than twenty seconds. This doesn't seem to necessarily indicate that the overall duration is off (it may be the same as durations for the same bonus + circumstances without lag!) and I think it just means that the "weakening" message was lagged a bit. Which can be helpful as an alert that there might be some lag happening, but doesn't mean the specific messages that matter ("you are protected" and "expires"--I measure the duration between those) are necessarily lagged.
  • checking the timestamps for "You call upon Sandelfon to protect yourself" and "You are protected by the power of Sandelfon" to see how much time is between them. They seem to normally be two or three seconds apart, so them being further apart than that seems to indicate that the "You are protected by the power of Sandelfon" message is slightly lagged and the overall duration may appear shorter.

These aren't perfect, and I only even started doing the first two after about shield #300 (currently coming up on 900). I also don't record the third one or use it all the time--basically I only check when it seems like there's too big a pause between the messages.

So, all that, plus having it be consistent for at least a couple of performances (more if the first two aren't consistent) is how I decide that a particular data point is probably good and worth putting on the aggregate table. It seems to be working fairly well, and the formula I put up is actually perfectly on the nose for every single base duration (i.e. with no rit bonus/penalty) I have! (There's a nice graph of those here; I would have uploaded it here as well except it wouldn't let me.)

Getting back to the topic of evenness, some data on how many of my collected durations (e.g. individual performances of the ritual) are even so far:

Durations Total number Number even  % even
all 898 750 84 %
with exactly 20 seconds between weakening and expiration 456 413 91 %
with 20 seconds or under between weakening and expiration (includes previous) 526 470 89 %
over 20 seconds 71 36 51%

Interestingly enough, the timestamps themselves don't have any bias towards the seconds place being even or odd (about half for each) and I haven't noticed any pattern of evenness or oddness for tests done at around the same time. I've also seen a shield expire between two score briefs with the same xp in them. So, it looks like even if it may be measured in heartbeats, shield start/expiration doesnt' have to happen on a heartbeat. Sort of strange, really.

--Ilde 22:32, 24 January 2013 (UTC)