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Happy to chat, either here on the Disc, or email me through the wiki.

Hi Kloke,

I saw your post on Priestsguild board. I can help out some. Although I have not added much here on the DW Priest wiki in the past, I have helped Emily to update the charms info and custom bead prices on the main DW Mud wiki.

Persephone (talk) 17:51, 10 June 2018 (BST)

Welcome aboard Persephone,

I've given you Admin, validated and moderator rights.

Here's what Mishal said to me and may be informative to you:

"What I've done is set you as 'bureaucrat', 'moderator' and 'validated' on the wiki. Bureaucrat status lets you assign rights to other users as well as blocking people (a new permission that I just added); moderator status gives you much greater control over pages, including being able to delete pages, edit the wiki interface itself, edit protected pages (and mark pages as protected) and browse deleted pages; validated status simply means that I've verified that your account is of a MUD player (as opposed to a spammer, primarily) and simply allows the creation of new pages.

See for a full list of permissions for each group (I hope you can see that page, at least!)

Since you can now control user permissions on other people, you can assign "validated" to any wiki user who's a known MUD user (I had plans to automate that back in the day :)) in order to let them create new pages. Any registered user should be able to edit pages - if there's an issue with people not being able to register, let me know and I'll look in to it when I've got a minute. When I set up these permissions I found that the spam bots weren't interested in editing pages, they only wanted to create them, so banning unregistered users from creating pages was a good way of blocking the spammers. 6+ years later, I have no idea how effective that may be :)

Also feel free to assign other players to 'bureaucrat' and/or 'moderator' positions as you see fit. Obviously keep those to trusted people only, given that merely 'validated' users can do most editing work :)"

He also mentioned how out of date the software of the wiki is, and I suppose as long as this version is stable and doesn't have known vulnerabilities, we're OK for the time being.

I'm thinking of doing more comms to let the Disc know that we're open for business if anyone has new information - my first thoughts are town criers and an ad in the papers, which should be enough without going over the top.

Finally, for now, we'll need to update the main page to reflect us as being points of contact. I'd like your thoughts on that and anything else wiki related before I do anything though. Maybe catch up on the Disc next time we're both on?

--Kloke (talk) 09:26, 11 June 2018 (BST)