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This command allows you to put a ritual onto a faith rod or ward an item. Bestow is learned at guild level 75 from your religious instructor.

Unlike scour, bestowing can be done anywhere.


The two different types of bestowing work slightly differently:

bestow <ritual> {on|to|onto|into} <part> of <rod>
bestow <ritual> {on|to|onto|into} <warded item>

When bestowing into a faith rod, you must specify the specific part of the faith rod (such as "etchings" for batons).

Bestowing rituals into faith rods

Bestowing a ritual onto a part of a faith rod is the first step to making a usable faith rod. The difficulty varies according to the ritual being bestowed and the affinity of the rod, as well as (it seems) other ritual modifiers.

To successfully bestow a ritual, the player must perform it successfully, passing all the skillchecks with a heavy penalty applied. The same skills are used - for example, bestowing Resurrect uses (and can tm)

Accordingly, the gp cost of bestowing varies, depending on the gp cost of the bestowed ritual.

When bestowing, no benefits or detriments from the bestowed ritual will be applied to the player. Notably, there is no need to staunch bleeding, and so no risk of bleeding to death, when bestowing Holy Sacrifice.

Bestowing wards

Bestow is also used to ward items. You must first perform Divine Guard or Divine Sentinel (if the item already has a ward on it) on the item to be warded. You'll then have a short period of time in which you can bestow a ritual as a ward. If you fail to bestow, you may be able to try again before the time runs out, or the failure may cause your deity to stop watching the item prematurely.

This usage uses the faith.items.scroll skill.

The gp cost varies according to the ritual being bestowed. Although the cost generally seems to correlate to the gp cost of performing the ritual, it's not always exactly the same.