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This is a priest-only command. It consecrates an item to your deity, so it can be used for things such as Remember Place and Divine Guard/Divine Sentinel. This has to be done at the High altar of your deity (although Hattites can use any high altar), and you will also need to be within alignment. It takes 50gps to consecrate an item, and you need to have at least 150 bonus in faith.rituals.special to have a chance of success. The command itself is learned at guild level 50.

Faith rods must be consecrated to your deity before you can use them. However, unless all rituals in a rod are imprinted, consecrating it will make them disappear.


You need to have prayed enough, and recently enough, to do this. This is what's going on when you get a result like this:

You begin to perform the ceremony of consecration.

You attempt to contact Gapp but His attention seems to be elsewhere.

A failure due to lack of skill, on the other hand, looks like this:

You begin to perform the ceremony of consecration.

You clear your mind and focus on the glory of Sek.
You attempt to consecrate the pair of baggy trousers but Sek seems to be far away.

It's also impossible to consecrate certain items. Holy relics and the wearable versions of holy symbols can't be consecrated (attempting to do so, however, will still use up gp).

The relic shivers but refuses to budge, its condensed belief too strong to alter with a blessing.

Living things can't be consecrated, either. Attempting to uses no gp.

The scruffy tabby cat struggles and manages to avoid being consecrated.

Finally, of course, you won't be able to consecrate something if it's either already consecrated to your deity, or if it's consecrated generically.

Your small block of holy incense (consecrated) has already been consecrated to Sandelfon.

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