Ritual burial

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This is a priest-only command that will bury a corpse to the greater glory of your God. Like pray, this will move you into better standing with Him or Her, and if you are out of alignment, it will bring you back towards your desired alignment. It costs 50gp to perform for each corpse, and how effective it is in changing alignment (as well as how many corpses you can bury at a time) is determined by your faith.rituals.special. Faith.rituals.offensive.area is also used in some fashion for ritually burying during combat, as it's known to tm from that. You can only ritually bury a corpse if it's never been buried, and if nobody has even attempted to ritually bury it (so, if you fail the skillcheck to ritually bury a corpse, you can't try again on the same corpse).

Multiple corpses can be buried at the same time in this fashion, including your own. However, other player corpses may only be buried if both the priest and the owner of the corpse are player killers.

Ritual burial generates 5 deity points per corpse.

It is more effective in moving your alignment than pray (especially because you can perform multiple buries for the gp of one pray). The different gods get various commands, with different descriptions, but basically the effect is the same.

You can use this command whilst in combat, but unless you are a Sekkite it will be harder and take longer. It takes longer for a Sekkite to ritual bury if they are not in combat at the time.

You can learn this command from your religious instructor at guild level 25.

The commands granted by each god are: