Summon Fluff

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Summon Fluff
GP Cost 25
Learnt At 30 in faith.rituals.misc.area
Skills Used faith.rituals.misc.area
Requirements None
Granted By Gufnork
Best Baton(s)

Purple, Ribboned

Best Cane


Brings you divine fluff from a better place


Summons a small ball of coloured, consecrated fluff that can be used for a variety of purposes. While this is generally regarded as a toy ritual, fluff has several known purposes:

  • It can be useful when needing to remember a place, if you don’t have a spare consecrated item.
  • It is useful when idlechasing, as the ability to summon consecrated items allows the priest to perform divine guard on the fluff immediately and bestow a ritual onto it, without having to be at the high altar.
  • Fluff is needed in order to summon Gufnork's totem, a dust bunny.
  • Having enough fluffy items grants Guffnork's ritual bonus.
  • Fluff can be used to dry yourself or others, no towel required.

There appears to be a very large variety of different "flavours" of fluff that can be summoned, which helps with parser disambiguation should you wish to use them to remember place.

Fluff ("fluffs" or "fluves" in plural) comes in a variety of sizes, with higher skills resulting in a larger ball of fluff. In increasing order, sizes are:

  • tiny (1/9 lb)
  • small (2/9 lb)
  • sizeable (3/9 lb)
  • large (4/9 lb)
  • huge (5/9 lb)
  • enormous (6/9 lb)

Eatting a ball of fluff results in it going down a size. Fluves larger than tiny can be cut into a varying number of pieces depending on the size; huge balls can be cut into five pieces, large balls can be cut into four pieces, and so on. (Cutting fluff results in "fifths" or "thirds" or whatever fraction is appropriate, rather than just smaller balls.)

Fluff that has been cut into pieces or partially eaten will retain a remembered place. If it has been cut into pieces, each piece will be remembering the same place.

Help File

Summon Fluff allows you to beg your god for that most wonderful of substances, fluff. If your prayers are heard, a lump of fluff will be granted to you by a higher power.


> perform summon fluff
You concentrate very hard on the nature of fluff.
You ask Gufnork to grant you fluff.
Your prayers are answered, and you find yourself blessed with the gift of fluff.

> eat fluff
You eat a mouthful of the huge ball of orchid fluff.  Mmm, delicate!

> hold fluff
You hold a huge ball of orchid fluff in your left hand.

throw fluff at Taffyd
You throw the huge ball of orchid fluff at Taffyd but miss.

Granted By

Gufnork (also to His followers)

Learnt At

faith.rituals.misc.area level 30

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

25 GP




Type Miscellaneous
Step Count2
Required PowersSpeech
Will Attempt to Resist N/A
Will Be Angered No/Unknown