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Creates a box on the right hand side of the page to display the basic information about a ritual. Don't forget to "linkify" the skills, components and gods!


  • name: The name of the ritual, e.g. "Blight"
  • gp: The GP cost of the ritual, e.g. "70"
  • learntat: The level and skill at which the ritual is learnt, e.g. "125 in [[faith.rituals.offensive.target]]"
  • skills: The skills used by the ritual, e.g. "[[faith.rituals.offensive.target]]"
  • grantedby: The gods that grant the ritual, e.g. "[[Fish]] and [[Sek]]"
  • requirements: Any components the ritual requires, e.g. "[[Holy symbol|Symbol]] and [[Holy amulet|amulet]]"
  • rodtype: One of "o", "d", "c", "m" or "g" to indicate the ritual's rod affinity (offensive, defensive, curing, miscellaneous or generic, respectively)

Example Usage

| name=Blight
| gp=70
| learntat=125 in [[faith.rituals.offensive.target]]
| skills=[[faith.rituals.offensive.target]]
| grantedby=[[Fish]] and [[Sek]]
| requirements=[[Holy symbol|Symbol]] and [[Holy amulet|amulet]]
| rodtype=o

Example Output

GP Cost 70
Learnt At 125 in faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills Used faith.rituals.offensive.target
Requirements Symbol and amulet
Granted By Fish and Sek
Best Baton(s)

Coral, Serrated

Best Cane