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GP Cost 120
Learnt At 150 in
Skills Used, faith.rituals.misc.area [1], faith.rituals.offensive.area [2], faith.rituals.defensive.self,
Requirements Prayer book and incense
Granted By Pishe, Gufnork and Gapp
Best Baton(s)

Coral, Serrated

Best Cane


Traps your target into a crystal sphere.


Stasis is the targeted version of the holy sanctuary ritual. It places the target into an impenetrable crystal sphere either to protect them from the others in the room, or to provide the performer with a chance to make an escape. Once inside the sphere, the target either has to wait for the sphere to dissolve, or they can attempt to 'shatter' the sphere from the inside. To do this requires enough perception to be able to spot a flaw (not a very high requirement) as well as enough blunt skills and a suitable weapon to be able to shatter the sphere at that flaw. Upon failure the priest is placed inside the sphere instead of the target. Takes a very long time to perform.

Help File

This ritual removes the target from your presence by trapping them into a sphere of crystal. You will need a prayer book and a block of incense to perform this ritual.


> perform stasis on Pinkfish

You recite one of the prayers from your prayer book, ending with a call for Gapp to protect you from Pinkfish.
The incense in your hands bursts into flames, filling the air with a thick blue-grey smoke. The smoke is caught up in a sudden gust and settles around Pinkfish.
You recite a list of Pinkfish's crimes against Sarduk, ending with a frenzied cry for retribution.
The smoke suddenly solidifies into a solid crystal sphere around Pinkfish.

Granted By

Pishe, Gufnork and Gapp

Learnt At

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

120 GP


Prayer book and Incense


Type Offensive
Step Count3
ComponentsPrayer book, Incense
Required PowersSight, Speech
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown