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GP Cost 80
Learnt At 65 in
Skills Used
Requirements Amulet
Granted By Hat and Sek
Best Baton(s)

Coral, Serrated

Best Cane


Causes the target to hallucinate


This ritual causes the target to see visions. These visions can make it difficult for the target to move effectively, and, like silence, will prevent spell and ritual casting. Mostly of use against other players except for a few specific NPCs. The effects seem to vary greatly, ranging from "nothing really" to "help! I can't see any exits!".

Help File

This ritual gives the victim sacred visions. These visions are distracting, though, and will make it more difficult for the affected person to take action. You will need a holy amulet consecrated to your god to perform this ritual.


> perform visions on taffyd
You swirl your holy amulet in a hypnotic pattern.
You say a prayer over Taffyd.
Taffyd starts gazing at something you can't see.

Granted By

Hat and Sek

Learnt At level 65

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

80 GP


Holy amulet


Type Offensive
Step Count2
ComponentsHoly amulet
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist Yes
Will Be Angered Yes