Weft Warping

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Weft Warping
GP Cost 50-60
Learnt At 75 in faith.rituals.misc.target
Skills Used faith.rituals.misc.target and possibly crafts.materials
Requirements Symbol
Granted By Gufnork and Gapp
Best Baton(s)

Purple, Ribboned

Best Cane


Protects the item of clothing on which it is performed.


This ritual asks your god to protect an item of clothing by reducing its chances of being damaged by combat. If performed with high skills, the object can actually become impervious to damage. While the effects are not permanent, the duration of the ritual can be quite a long time.

Help File

This ritual asks your god to protect an article of clothing by reducing its chance of being damaged. It requires a holy symbol to perform and the clothing must first be consecrated to your deity.


> perform weft warping on trousers
You think of silkworms.
You mimic the act of weaving.
You call upon Gapp to protect your clothes.
The pair of baggy black trousers glows faintly.
>look trousers
These black cotton trousers are somewhat thick as trousers go, made from a
sturdy material that is two layers thick or more in most places. The baggy cut
skillfully conceals several hidden pockets, useful for stashing a thief's ill
gotten gains until they can be fenced.
It appears to have been twisted around in a strange way.
The pair of baggy black trousers has two leg pockets, two secret pockets and
two side pockets.

After some (long) time

The weave on the baggy black trousers suddenly returns to normal.

Granted By

Gufnork and Gapp

Learnt At

faith.rituals.misc.target level 75

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

90 GP


Holy symbol


Type Miscellaneous
Step Count3
ComponentsHoly symbol
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist N/A
Will Be Angered N/A