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GP Cost 90
Learnt At 26 in or
80 in faith.rituals.offensive
Skills Used
Requirements Prayer book and symbol
Granted By Sandelfon and Hat
Best Baton(s)

Coral, Serrated

Best Cane


Invokes a fear of open spaces in a target.


As its name suggests, this ritual causes the target to become scared of open spaces. It will cause the target to run around, until it finds an indoor room. Which it will not be able to leave until the effects wear off. Not used ever so much, due to the high gp costs for the effect. Useful against big groups, allowing the priest time to heal and recover gp.

Help File

Agoraphobia invokes a fear of wide open spaces in a target, forcing them to run for safety. It requires a prayer book and the holy symbol of your god.


> perform agoraphobia on Turvity
You kneel in prayer.
You chant the psalm of fearsome places.
A flicker of fear passes over Turvity's face.

Granted By

Sandelfon and Hat

Learnt At

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

135 GP


Prayer book and holy symbol


Type Offensive
Step Count2
ComponentsHoly symbol, Prayer book
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown